State of Survival Game

State of Survival Game

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State of Survival game is a well-conceptualized online MMORPG game in which players all around the globe develop and increase their bases. In this game, you are assigned to just one of the hundred different countries available for you to build your base on the virtual map.

You then can send your own troops to attack other teams, gather raw resources, and even raid other players’ bases. In this game, you can choose to be a doctor or a soldier, a mechanic or an engineer, a chef or a baker, and much more. The list of countries you can battle in also increases with the updates being made to the game.

State of Survival Game Review

State of Survival game is unique compared to other massively multiplayer online games. It’s story is set in post-apocalyptic land where ordinary people have become zombies due to virus outbreak. Your only option to survive and find weapons and other survivors is to train and arm yourself with the latest weapons and strategies.

The zombie outbreak has left most of the normal people brainwashed due to their extreme fear of infection and dehydration and thus you are given the chance to change some of these ordinary people into powerful, fighting heroes.

The State of Survival game is played within the single player role play style. You are to use your skills and knowledge, along with a selection of weapons and zombies to achieve the mission. You have unlimited access to every tool and weapon in the game but you can only access certain areas of the map at a given time.

Some maps include hidden loot that can help you increase your chances of winning the game. You are allowed to customize your character using different attributes such as strength, endurance and agility.

In the game, you will also get the opportunity to create your own strategy or make use of the pre-designed ones, according to the type of game you are playing. There are many levels in the State of Survival game and you can always start with the first one which is the starting point of the story.

After successfully completing the initial level you can move on to the next level which is the survival camp where you will be provided with weapons and buildings to help you survive.

There are two classes in the game – the weak human hero and the strong zombie hero. The weak human hero cannot fight well against the stronger zombies tend to attack him rather than obey him. To win the battle, you will need to combine the skills and use your knowledge to outwit the enemy and destroy his base or location.

The stronger zombie heroes are highly trained warriors who can withstand long periods of fighting without getting tired and can move around and perform multiple actions at once. They are also highly intelligent and learn quickly to plan and synchronize actions between themselves to win the game.

In State of Survival you can select between two different control schemes – one is the keyboard scheme which provides you with a number of action keys on the screen and the other scheme is the touch screen scheme which is supported by Android 2.3 and above.

The keyboard controls include controlling the character’s head, actions and inventory. The game also includes a third scheme, which is controlled by gestures. Gestures include using the stylus or finger tips to target objects and view the minimap.

State of Survival game gives you the option to manage your characters, health and inventory through the MyISS application which is integrated into the State of Survival game itself. To use MyISS you will need to download it from the official Google Play Store.

Once downloaded, MyISS will allow you to manage your character through the group menu, build your own settlement and upload files to your settlement through the storage menu. You can also send messages to other players through the forum feature which is again supported by Android 2.3 and above.

Apart from the MyISS integration, the main features of the State of Survival include the highly competitive multiplayer mode in which you can fight against other alliances who are also trying to earn money and take over the whole settlement.

To win you have to complete the many challenges that are available throughout the game’s various levels. As the game progresses, you can also earn cash which is used to purchase powerful weapons and other useful items to help you in your quest to dominate the whole region.

The game has a tutorial option as well, which will help new players learn the basics before getting started. In addition to all these features, State of Survival has a number of user made scenarios and achievements which further increase its popularity among Android players.



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State of Survival Game

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