Ludo King Game

Ludo King Game

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Ludo King game is among the favorite games which we frequently encounter in many country, particularly in the 90s, many people have experienced ludo behind the monopoly or checkerboard game. As time passes, with increasingly rapid technological advances, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Ludo’s game will lose its position in the hearts of its loyal fans.

This relaxing game which may be played by up to 4 individuals has also been transformed into digital form and may be played on our gadgets. Ludo King is a digital-based offline android game made by one of those Gamotronix sport companies.

We can easily download Ludo King on the Google Play Store or on Android sport download sites including Android Menu, on the Google Play Store, Ludo King is able to be in the # 1 position from the board game class.

When we first enter the Ludo King game, we will observe the Gamotronix logo as the company that produces this particular game. Afterward, we’ll be asked to install our profile on Ludo King.

First, choose the nation or country where we reside. Second, fill in the profile title. And third, select our profile photograph on Ludo King. After successfully finishing the profile in the previous section, we will be directed to the beginning page of the Ludo King game.

As we could see, there are numerous modes that we can choose to play Ludo King. Play against the computer, play against friends, play across the internet with different people, and finally play with buddies that we added earlier.

Graphics and Colours in Ludo King Game

In terms of colour, Ludo King comes with colors that capture our attention. As we could see in the following image, the basic colors of blue, red, yellow and green make this game interesting to check at. Afterward, the picture quality supplied is also rather great for a game which can be enjoyed or played offline.

How to play Ludo King Game

Ludo King with this model is not much different from the standard or conventional versions. First, in the bottom there’s a dice which is the trick to this Ludo King game. In addition, you will find 4 pawns in each colour the Ludo King player will play. Second, the player will roll the dice alternately, the first flip is obtained from the largest amount of championships and then followed by others according to the number of dice got.

For the beginning of the game, a new pawn is permitted to come out of the starting box when the player manages to find a dice number of 6. If the participant has not received that amount, then their pawn cannot proceed to the next trajectory box.

Third, when one of the players manages to find the dice number 6, then he is awarded the best to roll the dice , but when this happens 3 times in a row, he’s not allowed to roll the dice again.
Fourth, the player who succeeds first places the four pawns in the HOME section, then he wins the match. The next winner to the loser will be determined according to the sequence in which they place all the pawns in HOME.

Other Features Ludo King Game

Apart from Ludo, in the Ludo King game, we could also find the snake and ladder game which is popularly played with Ludo. We can play with this ladder and snake if we feel bored with Ludo games. It’s not tough to find it, we just need to come back to the beginning page of the match and at the bottom we could discover the snake and ladder.

Overall, the Ludo King game is very exciting to play, particularly if the number of gamers is in the most number, which is 4 people. Of course this will add to the feeling of rivalry that exists when playing with this game. It is just unfortunate that in this Ludo King game you will find ads which often appear at the very top or bottom of the screen which of course can interfere with the length of the Ludo game.



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Ludo King Game

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